Von Aldo

Goldman Snubbing Dems in Campaign Donations

Goldman, apparently, is hedging its bets in doling out campaign contributions, the New York Post reports today. According to the Post, "Goldman Sachs executives are pulling campaign cash away from congressional Democrats in the wake of their crackdown on Wall Street and are now hedging their bets in the upcoming elections."

The Post, in an analysis of campaign contributions, says that the financial powerhouse gave 64 percent of its PAC contributions to Democrats in the last election cycle. Why the firm gave so much dosh to Democrats, who typically emote anti-Wall Street populist demagoguery, is beyond me. Goldman is now spreading out its contributions 50-50, according to campaign data.

The Post also concludes, "Goldman's sharp turn before an election is unusual among corporate PACs, which often play both sides based on who is in charge."

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