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Von Aldo
Finally, The Quant Funds Recover

Finally, The Quant Funds Recover

quantI received this note from our own Stan Luxenberg, our long-time mutual fund correspondent: "Quant funds disappointed investors during the financial crisis. The computer systems failed badly in 2008 and 2009. But this year the computers are back on track.

"Funds that are doing well this year include Vanguard Strategy Small Cap Equity (Ticker: VSTCX), Bridgeway Small Cap Value (BRSVX), and Fidelity Disciplined Equity (FDEQX). Can the quant funds continue excelling? Perhaps. Quant managers favor solid stocks that are undervalued. In 2008, markets shunned value, and in 2009 investors preferred junk. In both cases, that left quants out in the cold. But lately, the markets have been embracing the quants favorite stocks."

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