Due Diligence

Elizabeth Warren: Champion of Transparency, Not Big Government

Below some excerpts from Elizabeth Warren’s September speech to the Financial Services Roundtable. Warren is currently guiding the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

“I come to Washington as a genuine believer in markets and a genuine believer that the purpose of regulating the consumer credit market is to make that market work for buyers and sellers alike: a level playing field where the best products at the best prices win. When it works, the market is an ally to consumers. And, when it works, the market rewards those lenders who offer the best value to their customers.”

“When I talk about functioning markets, I’m not using the word “market” as coded

language for a return to the Wild West where companies use deception to pick off every consumer they can get in their sites. A free market is one where consumers have the ability to make well‐ informed choices, where the choices are visible and the terms are clear, and where there are cops on the beat to make sure that everyone plays by the same rules.”

via Baseline Scenario

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