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Does Having a Video Help with Marketing My Firm?

Dear Abby,

I was thinking about doing a video to post on my website.  What do you think about that?  And how would  I get started?

Cindy, FL

Dear Cindy,

I think hosting a video to your website is a great idea as long as you will drive people to view it.  Statistically speaking, videos in either an email or on a website get viewed much more frequently than other tactics that don’t involve videos.  The secret sauce will be in your promotion of the video once it is posted.

There are a number of firms who specialize in creating videos for advisors (I believe Penton Publishing, who publishes this website, has a service).  Most times, they will do all the production for you.  They will even host it on their server so you can link to it from your website if you don’t have hosting ability. 

Once you have decided to have a video made, the initial step would be to determine what you want to promote on your video.  Once that has been determined, having a solid script will make the entire process run much smoother.  You need to know what you will say on your video and practice, practice, practice.  Think through the script to determine what you want to highlight about your firm.  Do you cater to retirees? Maybe you want to have a few “retiree actors” in the video that match your ideal client profile.

Once the video is complete and you post it to your website, you need to drive people to it.  Make sure you announce it in an email to all your clients, prospects and centers of influence.  Ask them to direct people they may know that might be interested in your services to the video.  Share the link on your social sites.  Include a link to it from the signature in your email.

Overall, having a video further engages people to you.  They can see what you look like, hear what you have to say and get a better sense of whether or not they are interested in meeting with you.

I hope this was helpful,



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