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"Doctor" Gore Makes Serious Dosh Preaching Global Catastrophe

"Doctor" Gore Makes Serious Dosh Preaching Global Catastrophe

al-gore.jpgInvestor's Business Daily is one of America's great papers. Really. IBD's editorial page today is a good one. Of Al Gore, IBD editorial writers call him, " Doctor of Lies." The paper notes that while Gore should be stripped of his Nobel Prize, he's instead receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Tennessee --- his "home" state university. (Ahem, Gore grew up in D.C., steeping in the family business of politics; Tennesseans don't consider him a son.)

The paper says: "We used to call it weather. He called it climate change and made a fortune doing so."

IBD continues, "Revelations that the Fourth Assessment Report produced by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was based on anecdotes, student dissertations and non-peer-reviewed articles in foreign magazines have not dissuaded him.

"According to the Guardian, a British newspaper [oh, and hardly a righty one at that], Gore has investments in one company that has received more than half a billion dollars in subsidies from the Department of Energy. Financial disclosure documents released before the 2000 election put the Gore family's net worth at $1 million to $2 million.

"A mere nine years later, estimates are that he is now worth about $100 million. He could become the world's first carbon billionaire."

Hats off to Al Gore from using his political fame to hawk stupid ideas to enrich himself. Rather reminds me of the catchphrase from Robocop (the first one): "Your business is where you find it."

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