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The Daily Brief: The Midterms in 40 Maps

The Daily Brief: The Midterms in 40 Maps

Just in case you haven't gotten your fill yet of all things midterm elections, Vox has come up with everything you need to know from Tuesday's big win for the GOP in 40 easy maps and charts. Go here.

Are You Distracted At Work?

You may have one of six attention deficit traits identified by psychiatrist Edward M. Hallowell. Take this quiz by the Harvard Business Review to find out.

David Einhorn

Amazon on the Bubble

Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn added Amazon to a list of tech stocks that he believes are overvalued, known as the “Bubble Basket,” after the company reported increased losses despite slower growth. “One of the principle assumptions supporting many bubble stocks is ‘the company is growing too fast to be very profitable,’” Einhorn wrote in a Q3 letter to investors. “We think AMZN is just one of the many stocks for which this narrative will ultimately prove false.”

Pros, Cons of Angel Investing

Angel investors poured $24.8 billion into over 70,000 U.S. businesses in 2013, up 41 percent from the $17.6 billion investment made toward 57,225 businesses in 2009, reports the Wall Street Journal. These capital infusions are the lifeblood for many startups, but some experts argue the current minimums to be considered an “accredited investor” are too low. Yet while curbs can limit the pool, they may be necessary, as these businesses can be extremely risky ventures. Consider this: About half of the more than 500,000 U.S. businesses created each year shut down within five years.

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