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The Daily Brief: Estate App

Estate App

Woody Levin watched his family, many of them attorneys, struggle to find the assets of his grandmother after she died. He considered the digital assets of younger generations, and came up with an app that would store all digital passwords, financial accounts, health records, social media log ins, etc … and automatically release them to a designated individual when they verify your death with the service.  Via TechCrunch


If You Can’t Do The Time

The North American Securities Administrators Association, representing state securities regulators, released a report showing that enforcement actions against securities law violators brought by state agencies was up 33 percent over last year, resulting in an additional 455 years of total jail time for fraudsters. 

“In 2013…the licenses of 3,438 broker-dealers, investment advisers and their representatives were either withdrawn denied, revoked, suspended or conditioned by state securities regulators,” according to the association.

Some media outlets grabbed onto the statistics and warned investors to double check the credentials of their advisors. suggested “Before investing with any firm or financial advisor, check out their registration, background and qualifications through the Investment Advisor Public Disclosure website or through FINRA’s BrokerCheck.” But then took the trouble to point out: “Even if a firm or advisor is legit, he can still be dealing outside of the law. Nearly one-third of actions taken through state regulators were aimed at registered broker-dealer firms or their brokers. Another 19% involved registered investment advisor firms or their reps.”

Sex Pistols founder John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten | Copyright Rosie Greenway, Getty Images

Richest Punk Rockers?

Forbes magazine has long chronicled the net worth of titans of industry as well as DJs and hip hop performers. Now Music Magazine has, supposedly, sussed out the net worth of musicians slightly lower on the economic ladder, but still “richer than you think.” Punk rockers. The magazine estimates Sex Pistols founder John Lydon is worth $15 million, while former Fugazi front man Ian Mackaye is supposedly worth $25 million, A caveat: the magazine does not give any methodology or reasoning behind the numbers, leading us to believe this is more for amusement than verified information.

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