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Von Aldo
Buffett May Be A Great Investor, But He's An Idiot On Taxes

Buffett May Be A Great Investor, But He's An Idiot On Taxes

I just don't understand how anyone can believe that high taxes are good for the economy. First, there is the matter of personal freedom, to wit, at what point does the government's role (interference) in your personal life stop? In New York City, restaurants may not use margerin, for example.

And Nanny Bloomberg and his health department are thinking about banning salt in NYC restaurants. In San Fransisco, the government outlawed Happy Meals at McDonalds. And this begs the question: Whose body is it? Mine or the government's? It's yours so long as you are a pregnant female --- well for a period of three months anyway. (That said, a pregnant woman drinking a glass at wine with lunch is sometimes subject to abuse.)

Whenever Buffett talks about economics, I feel like his mind goes all goofy. Americans are taxed in almost everything they do . . . your wages are taxed, but then you pay additiional taxes on tolls, property, on nearly every purchase. And yet many government entities --- local and state and federal --- are out of money. Too many promises made to too many people on things the government has no responsibility for. It seems obvious to me and many others that governments to produce jobs long term, they simply confiscate money from the private economy and redistribute it. Oh, and in an inefficient manner.

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