Von Aldo

"The Bridge" . . . Too Far, Remnick's Hagiography of Obama

As if we needed a hagiography of Obama, David Remnick, the New Yorker magazine editor, bequeaths the leftie sainthood on Barry Obama in his new bio on the 44th president in The Bridge. Are we witnessing, talking about the same man?

Just read this fawning review in Newsweek, a pathetic rag of a magazine. (When will it just go away already?) Many Americans find Obama to be a demagogue (i.e. using rhetoric to play to the electorate's base emotions to push unpopular, un-Constitutional legislation through) and an out-of-touch-with-America leftie. But, perhaps like the Libertarian writer Jonah Goldberg, I should keep an open mind when I read the volume. Nah.

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