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A (bad) Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor

A (bad) Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor

dont-be-sad1A video from xtranormal spoofs a (very bad) day in the life of a financial advisor...yes, some clients are clueless. Here, an FA talks to a potential new client who wants to retire at 50, would like to buy a new car with his IRA, and expects his B+ average son to get a scholarship to Boston College.

How would you respond if a client said these things to you? Watch the video.

There are dozens of xtranormal videos like these. They're user-generated, and generally poke fun at people who are either potential clients of a particular profession, or want to start a career in a particular profession, and they've have been making the rounds in a viral sort of way in recent months. Another: "So you want to be a stockbroker."

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