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Advisors Say Quality of Asset Manager Websites Affects Product Sales

Surprise! Financial advisors use the web now more than ever and the quality of an asset manager's website matters! The better the manager's site, the more assets it can gather.

Here is the kasina press release in full:

New York, (July 22, 2010) – Advisor use of the Web continues to grow and evolve with the addition of social and mobile media. Financial advisors spend over twenty-three hours per week online at industry, social and asset manager sites. And, the quality of the asset manager sites that they visit affects their product decisions, according to 71% of these advisors, according to a study released today by kasina, a strategic management consulting firm. Here are the findings from industry consultant "kasina."

In its latest study, “What Advisors Do Online 2010,” kasina leverages its deep understanding of the needs of the advisor community and its Web expertise to identify the trends that should matter most to firms selling to financial advisors. Building upon a decade of surveying advisor preferences, kasina, in partnership with Horsesmouth online advisor community and resource center, surveyed 536 financial advisors regarding their online behavior.

Key findings include:

• Advisors’ intranets are still the most commonly accessed sites, with 94% of advisors visiting them

• 85% visit asset manager sites as least occasionally

• Wholesaler discussion of firm Web sites impacts advisor usage of those sites

• More High AUM advisors seek news and commentary on advisor sites

• Social media use continues to increase among advisors

• A majority of advisors uses mobile devices to access work content

• Most advisors feel they get too much e-mail from asset managers

• More than two-thirds of advisors share content with clients

“Asset management firms have three broad opportunities to make more inroads with advisors online,” says Lee Kowarski, Principal at kasina and sponsor of the study. “They should continue to focus on getting their brand and their message to advisors where advisors spend time online – on firm intranets, mobile devices, and social media. Furthermore, they should aim to make more of their content shareable and to rationalize their e-mail strategies.”

“More than ever, advisors are busy, and prefer to access and receive information online,” Kowarski added. “Firms have a huge opportunity to take advantage of these trends by being smart about their online capabilities and getting their content to advisors where they want it, when they want it, and how they want it.”

For more information on the full report, “What Advisors Do Online 2010,” visit www.kasina.com

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