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The Intelligent Investor

2Q Best & Worst ETFs & Mutual Funds – by Style – Recap

Each quarter, we provide the most comprehensive review of equity ETFs and mutual funds available. We review the Best & Worst ETFs and Mutual Funds by sector and style. This article provides quick access to all our 2Q reports on Style funds. Access to the 2Q Sector Recap is here.

We begin the 2Q13 Style series with our Style Rankings report, which details the best styles for finding quality ETFs and mutual funds. Next we highlight the best & worst for each style in the Rating Breakdown By Style report. We follow with detailed reviews of the Best & Worst for each style (links below). The 1Q Style Recap is here.

Style Series: Best & Worst ETFs and mutual funds for:

  1. Large Cap Blend
  2. Large Cap Value
  3. All Cap Blend
  4. Large Cap Growth
  5. All Cap Growth
  6. All Cap Value
  7. Mid Cap Blend
  8. Mid Cap Growth
  9. Mid Cap Value
  10. Small Cap Growth
  11. Small Cap Blend
  12. Small Cap Value
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