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Von Aldo

10 Things Your Financial Planner Won't Tell You

SmartMoney magazine has been publishing its "10 Things" list every month for years. The 10 Things list is meant to be an "inside-baseball" look at various professions, from plumbers to travel agents to, as of 16 June, financial advisors. The column is supposed to serve as a consumer's guide to choosing a plumber, a travel agent, a physician, a financial advisor or whomever by arming them with facts about the "negative" side of the business in question. I used to work at SmartMoney magazine back in the mid-1990s. I always found the column clever, but sometimes verging on the unfair, since the criticisms themselves weren't always well challeneged. This list of 10 Things Your Financial Planner Won't Tell You is on the mark. Read it; if any of these rules accurately describe you, well, you best pull yourself together and improve your game.

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