Ronald Surz

Ronald J. Surz is president of PPCA Inc and Target Date Solutions. Both are in San Clemente CA.

PPCA maintains and manages the True Centric Core index, part of the family of Surz Style Pure® Indexes. PPCA also provides Style Scan, the next generation of style analysis, and Portfolio Opportunity Distributions®, bias-free alternatives to peer groups, especially hedge fund peer groups.

Target Date Solutions developed the patented Safe Landing Glide Path®, the basis for the Brightscope On-Target indexes and the asset allocation for SMART Funds®on Hand Benefit & Trust, Houston.      

Ron has served on several boards, and currently serves on a few. He earned an MBA in Finance at the University of Chicago and an MS in Applied Mathematics at the University of Illinois.

Ron publishes frequently in the financial press.

Ronald’s Recent activity