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Robert Pagliarini

President, Pacifica Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Robert is a national expert on sudden wealth. His wealth management firm Pacifica Wealth Advisors has developed  a unique process for handling the financial--and often psychological--issues of sudden money from inheritance, lottery, divorce, stock options, lawsuits, sports/entertainment contracts, or business sales. For clients who experience a windfall and may feel overwhelmed and need immediate clarity on the various financial, legal, and tax issues, Robert is able to provide them with instant insight into what they have and a comprehensive strategy to protect it and manage it. Robert is a CFP practitioner with master’s degrees in financial services and psychology. He is a #1 national bestselling financial author and haw appeared as a financial expert on such shows as Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, 20/20, ABC News, and was most recently a lottery financial advisor expert on Katie Couric.

Robert’s Recent activity