Brian M. Travers

President & Chief Executive Officer, Travers & Associates, Inc.

Brian M. Travers is the founder and CEO of Travers & Associates, Inc.  His boutique firm adheres to the needs of clientele whom represent the top 1% wealth in the country.  As principal of Travers & Associates, Inc., Brian has lead his executive team through the structuring and implementation of life insurance strategies for both affluent individuals and their families.

Supplementing his work at Travers & Associates, Inc., Brian has sought involvement in several charitable causes.  He is the founder and chairman of the Day One Foundation and supporter of the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.  The Day One Foundation was created to help economically challenged children and families in receiving the education and future they ever so deserve.  This foundation works closely with the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital to further these efforts and make a greater impact throughout local communities.  Additionally, he donates to Pal-O-MineOne Warm CoatConcern USAAmerican Ireland Fund and the James Woods Scholarship Foundation.


Brian’s Recent activity