Weston Kirk

Weston Kirk is an associate with Willamette Management Associates in the Atlanta office. His practice includes business valuation, economic analysis, and financial opinion services.


Weston has performed various types of valuation and economic analyses, including merger and acquisition valuations, fairness opinions, ESOP formation and adequate consideration analyses, business and stock valuations, litigation disputes and damages analyses, Internal Revenue Service audit rebuttals, undivided interests in real estate valuations, promissory note valuations, and gift and estate tax valuations.


He has prepared these valuation and economic analyses for the following purposes: transaction pricing and structuring; taxation planning and compliance (federal income, gift, and estate tax); ESOP transaction and financing; tender offers; stock option offers; litigation; and strategic information and planning.


Weston has experience in the valuation of various types of business entities and interests, including: private family-owned businesses, private multiple-investor businesses, employee-owned businesses, publicly-traded companies, preferred and common stock in complex capital structures, secured and unsecured notes, options and other derivative interests, conglomerates, general and limited partnership interests, limited liability company membership interests, limited company interests, professional practices, joint ventures, and foreign domiciled corporations.


He has performed business valuations in the following industries: accounting, asset management, biotechnology, commercial banking, construction, defense contracting, department stores, e-commerce, food retail, grocery stores, hedge funds, IT consulting, literary works and publishing, mining and aggregates, NGL production, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, precious metal recycling, real estate, software-as-a-service (SaaS), sports field construction, steel, temporary staffing services, timberland, trucking and transportation, and utilities, among others.

Weston’s Recent activity