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Tony Macklin

A Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, Tony advises wealthy families, grantmakers, and their advisors and associations on issues of purpose, use of resources for social impact, action planning, and learning. In four years as executive director of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation, he facilitated changes in visioning, impact investing, grantmaking, trustee education, and operations for a multi-generation family. In twelve years and four roles at the Central Indiana Community Foundation, he led grantmaking and community change initiatives, advised generous entrepreneurs and families on philanthropic tools and strategy, attracted $39 million in assets and co-investments, and co-founded a social enterprise.

Tony is also a Senior Consultant with Ekstrom Alley Clontz & Associates, Senior Consultant with the National Center for Family Philanthropy, and a Senior Advisor to the Impact Finance Center. He is a member of the Purposeful Planning Institute and National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers, and he’s volunteered for more committees, task forces, and boards than he can remember.

Tony’s Recent activity