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Michelle Smith

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Smith is the Founder and CEO of Source Financial Advisors, LLC, which specializes in divorce financial analysis services. Their services include:

Lifestyle Analysis: Analysis of cash-flow and expenses to assess the marital standard of lifestyle. Reconstruction of client’s lifestyle expenses from comprehensive analysis of credit card and banking records to help determine marital standard of living.

Projected Needs Analysis: Assessment of projected future needs to reflect income, expenses, support and management of financial assets.

Asset and Debt Division Analysis: Review and analysis of assets and debts (i.e. corporate benefits, deferred compensation, stock options and restricted stock, investments, etc.) to assist in determining the pros and cons of various settlement proposals. Creation of personalized reports and graphs that illustrate the financial status, cash flow and net worth of both parties.

Financial Tracing: Tracing of financial statements to help categorize flow of funds for purposes of establishing separate property claims, dissipation, credits, and reimbursements.


Michelle’s Recent activity