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Amy Hart Clyne

Executive Director, Family Office Exchange Knowledge Center team

Amy Hart Clyne is Executive Director of the Family Office Exchange (FOX) Knowledge Center team where she works on delivering market-centric solutions to both Family and Advisor Members of the firm. She is an executive with extensive experience in private wealth management serving ultra high net worth individuals. A strategic and tactical professional, Amy is skilled in developing strategy, marketing and communications programs to both members of senior management teams and as an advisor to industry leaders in private wealth management. Specific areas of expertise include strategic planning, client management and advisory, strategic marketing and research planning, internal sales and training meetings, client events and seminars, relationship management, and new product launch.

Amy provides over 25 years of experience in the ultra high net worth marketplace. She rejoined Family Office Exchange in 2012 after working as a consultant to some of the country’s leading private wealth management firms such as Silver Bridge Associates, Atlantic Trust and private family foundations over the last dozen years. She was the Marketing Director of The Chase Manhattan Private Bank serving the United States and Latin America for 7 years. Prior to joining Chase, Amy worked in Marketing and Training at Bankers Trust Private Bank and served as a Portfolio Manager for Lehman Management Company, a subsidiary of Lehman Bros. Kuhn Loeb, for 6 years. Amy is characterized as a disciplined, results-oriented and highly collaborative leader with well-developed client and market assessment capabilities.

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