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The Rep. Index, December 2009

Smart decisions are based on more than government statistics, agency reports, news releases, interest rates and stock quotes. We've selected a few fascinating statistics here that illuminate the markets, the world of financial services and big business.

  1. Amount that every man, woman, and child in the U.S. would receive if the $819 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 were distributed evenly: $2,693.55

  2. Cost per created job, based on the administration's claim of creating or saving 3.4 million jobs: $240,000

  3. Average 2008 household income in U.S.: $50,233

  4. Percentage of their countries' respective GDPs that the U.S. and Chinese recession stimulus packages represent: 6, 13

  5. Percentage of China's stimulus spending that will go toward infrastructure projects: 40

  6. Percentage of U.S. spending that will: 13

  7. Total funds awarded under the stimulus program to date: $158.7 billion

  8. Total funds actually received by recipients: $36.7 billion

  9. Number of jobs “created”or “saved” by the state stimulus program and the unemployment rate, respectively, in California: 110,185; 12.2 percent

  10. Vote in the House of Representatives that passed the $819 billion stimulus plan in January 2009: 244 to 188

  11. Number of Republican votes: 0

  12. Number of earmarks in the bill: 0

  13. Number of states facing budget gaps that exceed 20 percent of their GDP: 14

  14. Number of condominium foreclosures during January-July 2009, a 41 percent increase over the same period in 2008: 228,339

  15. Percent of existing home sales that are short-sale transactions: 12

  16. Percentage below asking price that Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner sold his California home in August 2009: 36

  17. Percentage of all Las Vegas homes that are currently worth less than their mortgages: 81

  18. The number of billionaires in the world at the end of 2008, and 2007, respectively: 793, 1,125

  19. Change in the average net worth of the billionaires: -23 percent

  20. Average number of years after an individual is named to the Forbes 4000 that he or she will fall off the list: 8

  21. Amount the Energy Department loaned to car companies, including Ford and Nissan, to build more efficient vehicles: $8.5 billion

  22. Number of U.S. Airports that have lost commercial air service since 2007: 96

  23. Number of U.S. bank failures in 2009 as of November 15, 2009: 123

  24. Number of bank failures in 1989, the height of the S&L crisis: 534

Sources: 1,2 New York Times; 3 Census Bureau; 4-5 China Market Research Group, Shanghai; 6-9; 10-12 U.S. House of Representatives; 13 New York Times; 14 RealtyTrac of Realtors; 15 National Association of Realtors; 16 Coldwell Banker, Los Angeles; 17 Deutsche Bank, NYC; 18-19 Forbes; 20 Peter W. Bernstein, NY, NY; 21 U.S. Energy Department; 22 Air Transport Association; 23-24 FDIC

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