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Opportunities in Direct Investing

Opportunities in Direct Investing

Learn more about the Opportunities in Direct Investing Event in New York City, July 16-17, 2012.

Opportunities in Direct Investing For Family Offices, High-Net-Worth Investors, and Strategic Buyers
July 16th - 17th, 2012
The Princeton Club, New York City

Seasoned professionals will delve into the grey areas surrounding the most pressing topics in direct investing, such as:

  • What, if any, internal staffing is necessary to be successful in direct investing?
  • The investment time horizons and advantages over fund investing
  • Whom to trust in sourcing deals
  • Where are the best untapped deal sources?
  • How and when should you diversify your portfolio? Or should you stick within your industry?
  • Partnering up with others for deals and fully leveraging your co-investor
  • Performing your own due diligence or deferring to a third party
  • Aligning risk analysis with liquidity and illiquidity criteria
  • Making management decisions – who’s really running the company?
  • Structuring, valuations, and alternative sources of capital

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