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Cover photographer Curt Goodwin is 34 and originally from Jamaica, Queens, NYC. He found a love for photography seven years ago after obtaining a B.A. in Political Science & Economics from the University of South Carolina and — several years later — a Masters in Journalism from the City University of New York. He credits his ongoing fondness of, and fascination with, the emotive qualities of the human form and the wonderful physiognomy of the human face, for his strong interest in portrait photography. “There is something wholly unique and positively human about the way in which time carves its measure upon each one of our faces. The face is a sort of topography, reflecting each person's particular life experience. A portrait, then, has the opportunity to be something extremely telling.”

Nate Wendler is the nom de plum of an analyst and trader in the asset management industry. Nate has worked in the asset management industry for 10 years at a number of New York-based firms covering financial services, consumer and technology stocks. Nate began his career as a financial journalist after earning a B.A. in History, and subsequently earned an MBA from New York University. See page 57 for Nate's article.

John Aidan Byrne is an award-winning journalist who has contributed regularly to the New York Post, Gannett, Institutional Investor and numerous other print and online publications. He was the former editor of Traders Magazine, a staff writer at SecuritiesWeek, foreign correspondent for a Dublin tabloid, co-editor of a popular series of books on equity trading (Springer Science+Business Media) and contributor to the Handbook of Electronic Trading (Capital Markets Media). Byrne, a native of Ireland, came to the United States in 1985 and is now a U.S. and Irish citizen. Once upon a time, Byrne ran a folk and modern music festival at Coney Island. He is happily married with four children in New Jersey. This month he writes about the rebirth of training programs at big brokerages, beginning on page 26.

Brad Zigler, managing editor of Hard Assets Investor (, has been both the observed and the observer on Wall Street and LaSalle Avenue. He was a regular media presence while heading up marketing, research and education for the Pacific Exchange's (now NYSE Arca) option market and the iShares complex of exchange-traded funds. Brad moved to observer status when he started writing for Registered Rep., Ticker, Mutual Fund, and Futures magazines, as well as Institutional Investor Journals. A morbid fear of idleness prompted him to also serve as a financial correspondent for the European Press Network and National Public Radio. A long-time Rep. contributor, this month Brad describes the New Normal economic environment of slow growth and how to invest in such a dire economic climate. See page 52.

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