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Cold Call: Mike Delgass (Sontag Advisory, a financial advisory firm in Westport, Conn.)

Mike Delgass (Sontag Advisory, a financial advisory firm in Westport, Conn.)

1. What is your favorite part of the workday?
About 2:00 am—it’s very peaceful.

2. What is your most impressive skill outside the job?
I can take a punch. I’m still working on the rest of my boxing, but don’t expect me in the Golden Gloves any time soon.

3. Who has inspired you most in your career, and why?
The founder of our firm, Howard Sontag. He grew us to over $3.5 billion pretty much single-handedly in 10 years.

4. At what age did you work your first job?
My grandfather had me clearing the yard of sticks at about two years old. I think I got a dime for it, but I will confess that I cried more than I usually do during the workday.

5. The best thing you’ve ever done for a client?
Without getting too specific, helping them protect their families against the many predators out there.

6. What is the most jarring place culturally you’ve ever traveled to?
Sweden. I wasn’t expecting to hear them speak better English than we do.

7. Favorite sport?
Anything that involves striking one’s opponent forcefully about the head and neck area.

8. Favorite way to spend a Saturday?

9. The last movie you saw?
Stranger than Fiction—loved it.

6. The one change that would most benefit the financial-advisory industry?
Getting serious about a holistic approach to financial advice. That, and the death penalty for fraud on a client.

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