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Cold Call: Jerry Wade

Interview with Jerry Wade, President of Wade Financial Group.

(President of Wade Financial Group, Minneapolis, with $140 million in AUM)

  1. In an interview with a Minneapolis business journal, you said that the success of your first stock pick, MTV, got you started in the business. What did you like about MTV?

    The year was 1984; MTV went public via an IPO. I was at a disco, looked up on the TV and concluded, “This may turn into something really big.”

  2. What's your favorite music video?

    Money for Nothing (I Want My MTV), Dire Straits

  3. Do you still think you're a great stockpicker?

    Yes, I have a unique talent of seeing opportunity where others don't. I have applied for a U.S. patent on my approach to investing.

  4. You have a radio show. What is the key to a successful radio show?

    You must have and be a personality.

  5. If you were to describe your practice in three words, what would they be?

    Clients come first.

  6. You have a nonprofit organization that links veterans up with students. Why?

    The students learn what sacrifice means. They learn that war movies are cool, but veterans are real people that have placed their lives on the line to allow them the opportunity to be and remain free.

  7. Who is your favorite military hero?

    General MacArthur. The guy was a leader, had huge confidence, was a military genius and his efforts in Korea took a desperate situation and completely turned it around for the U.S.

  8. The one investing book you would recommend to a rookie?

    Asset Allocation, Roger Gibson.

  9. Biggest business risk you ever took?

    Leaving American Express Financial Advisors as a commission-based planner and starting over 100 percent fee only in 1994. I started with zero clients, zero assets and zero income for a year.

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