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2010 Top Independent Advisor Sub Form

Calling all reps for Registered Rep.’s 2010 Top 100 Independent B/D Advisors list!

The much anticipated Top 100 Independent B/D Advisors list is underway and we need advisor submissions now!

The 4th annual Top 100 Independent B/D Advisors list will be published in our August 2010 issue. We are collecting submissions through June 28 so don’t miss your chance to be ranked among some of the top independent reps in the nation.

Registered Rep.’s Top 100 Independent B/D Advisor list is the only list of its kind in the industry and we want to make sure every qualified advisor gets a chance to submit.

We are asking you to submit names of individual advisors affiliated with an independent b/d and who have assets under management of at least $150 million.

Remember, the Top 100 list is ranked by advisors’ assets under management (We are not accepting team assets unless one individual can be credited with gathering the assets and has formed the team.)

We want to make sure the list is as accurate as possible and that all qualifying advisors have a chance to make the cut.

Fill out the form below with all required information and submit no later than June 28.

We will be cross-checking submitted AUM with broker/dealers and other industry data.

Please take a look at the 2009 Top 100 Independent B/D Advisor’s list.

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