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Alternative Insights e-Letter

Alternative Insights e-Letter has teamed up with Brad Zigler to create the "Alternative Insights e-Letter", a newsletter covering the world of alternative investments (AI) -- hedge funds and exchange-traded products (ETPs) -- from the advisor's perspective.. With an annual subscription you'll receive access to Brad Zigler's content available nowhere else.

In each issue you'll find:

  • An Exclusive Feature Article...
    Penned by REP./'s Alternative Investment Editor, each feature gives timely and actionable information on those investment exposures, e.g., commodities, long/short equity, event-driven, global macro, convertible arbitrage, fixed-income arbitrage, making news.

  • An Interview with a Key Player...
    Each month, traders, portfolio managers, and investment advisors, step forward to offer their perspectives of the AI world, allowing you to peek under the hood of their portfolios and investment strategies.
  • A News Summary Highlighting Important Developments...
    At a glance, you'll get up to speed on crucial product launches and closings, new filings, and regulatory developments. The "Technical Corner" features quick looks at vital economic indicators.

  • A Data Table Showing Current Portfolio Metrics...
    Want to know more than just the monthly returns of a fund or strategy? The newsletter's data section gives you volatilities, correlations, alpha coefficients and Sharpe ratios of representative ETPs and hedge fund exposures.

  • A Question-and-Answer Forum...
    Got a nagging question about a fund or investment approach? Our Q&A Forum brings together thought leaders and experts in the AI space to offer in-depth responses to reader queries.

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Alternative Insights e-Letter
The world of alternative investments (AI) -- hedge funds and exchange-traded products (ETPs) --from the advisor's perspective.

Annual Subscription - $149
Receive 12 monthly issues via e-mail and online access to all of Brad Zigler's exclusive content.



About the Author

Brad Zigler, REP.'s alternative investment editor, has been both the observed and the observer on Wall Street and LaSalle Avenue. He was a regular media presence while heading up marketing, research and education for the Pacific Exchange's (now NYSE Arca) option market and the iShares complex of exchange-traded funds.

Brad moved to observer status when he started writing for REP., Ticker, Mutual Fund, Futures, Financial Planning and Financial Advisor magazines, as well as Institutional Investor Journals and became the managing editor of Hard Assets Investor. A morbid fear of idleness prompted him to also serve as a financial correspondent for the European Press Network and National Public Radio.
Brad Zigler
REP.'s Alternative Investment Editor

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