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Wealthies Circle

Wealthies Circle Podcast: Andrew Schardt on Building a Wider Door to Private Markets

Hamilton Lane's Andrew Schardt discusses the benefits of private markets for advisors in terms of diversification and more opportunities for returns.


Alternative asset manager Hamilton Lane’s acquisition of investment platform 361 Capital earlier this year brings the $550 billion, 30-year-old global investment shop a step closer to U.S.-based registered investment advisors and their high-net-worth clients. Hamilton Lane’s goal is to bring easier access to private market investments, and was recognized at the 2021 Industry Awards in the category of Asset Managers—New Product Development for its Global Private Assets Fund.

In this episode, Andrew Schardt, head of global investment strategy for Hamilton Lane, talks to David Armstrong about Hamilton Lane’s history, how the firm has created innovative investment vehicles to lower the bar for private market investments among individual investors, and the benefits to advisors who access private markets in terms of diversification and more opportunities for returns. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Hamilton Lane brings in terms of data, returns and performance in private market investments that can benefit advisors; 
  • Why the firm acquired 361 Capital;
  • How Hamilton Lane’s ’40 Act tender offer fund eases access to private market investments for advisors with more liquidity than traditional options;
  • That private markets are a much broader, deeper pool of investment options than what is available in the public markets, bringing more diversity, long-term outperformance and less volatility to investors; and 
  • Where Schardt sees potential opportunity—and perils—in the global markets.

Listen to the Wealthies Circle Podcast

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