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Wealth Management Invest: How Private Markets Are Becoming More Accessible

Hamilton Lane's Steve Brennan discusses the benefits of private markets and the evolution of the space.

Innovations in product development have increased access to private markets for financial advisors and their clients. Steve Brennan, managing director and head of Private Wealth Solutions at Hamilton Lane, joined David Bodamer in the first episode of the new Wealth Management Invest podcast to discuss the state of private investments and Hamilton Lane’s path to developing private wealth strategies. 

Steve focuses on:

  • The benefits of private market investing and the evolution of the space
  • How private assets affect portfolio diversification 
  • Why asset managers, including Hamilton Lane, are focusing on education to help advisors navigate private investment strategies
  • And more

Connect With Steve Brennan:

Connect With David Bodamer:

About Our Guest:

Steve is a Managing Director and Head of Private Wealth Solutions at Hamilton Lane, leading the firm’s efforts to provide both evergreen and traditional private markets solutions to the growing Private Wealth channel. In this capacity, he sets the strategic direction and oversees all aspects of the Private Wealth Solutions business.

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