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Sci Fi Art Fetches Sky High Prices

Some highlights of Heritage's recent Mid-century American science fiction art auction.

An extensive collection of mid-century American science fiction art recently came up for bid when Heritage Auctions presented The Glynn and Suzanne Crain Science Fiction Collection Auction on Aug. 13-14 in Dallas, Texas.

“This sale includes classic examples from the genre, many of which are very rare or even unique, with just single paintings typically brought to market, or even traded privately without being made available to the public,” Heritage Auctions Vice President Todd Hignite said. “To offer a collection with the breadth and quality found in this one is simply unprecedented—and we expect many bidders from diverse collecting areas to compete for these iconic images created for some of the most popular and historically important stories by the greatest writers in the genre.”

In addition to the unparalleled group of original artwork, the auction included rare first-edition books, comics, pulp magazines and movie posters

Here are the 10 illustrations that sold for the highest amounts in the Glynn and Suzanne Crain Science Fiction Collection Signature Auction, Heritage, Dallas, August 13-14, 2019.

All images courtesy of Heritage

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