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Dynasty Expands ESG Offering for TAMP Users

Advisors in Dynasty's network now have access to sustainable investments via Ethic, an automated investment platform backed by Justin Rockefeller.

Dynasty Financial Partners is expanding its environmental, social and governance investing capabilities with the addition of Ethic, an automated investment platform backed by Justin Rockefeller that allows users to create portfolios that reflect their values, to its turnkey asset management platform.

With the new partnership, advisors who use Dynasty’s TAMP can choose from existing theme-based portfolios or create custom portfolios based on a range of underlying benchmarks.

“Advisors who can have authentic and informed conversations with their clients surrounding their distinct values, and offer them tailored investment solutions, will likely be well positioned for future growth,” said Jay Lipman, co-founder and president of Ethic. “As client expectations continue to grow, advisors are seeking refreshing ways to deepen and enrich existing client relationships, as well as a consistent means to win new ones.” 

Ethic’s technology uses data sources to analyze and predict sustainability issues, and uses a quantitative approach to tightly track underlying benchmarks and match market performance.

“These crucial metrics have, for the most part, been elusive in ESG offerings until now,” said Gary Hirschberg, founder and CEO of Aaron Wealth.

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