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Advisor Confidence Index (ACI)

Advisor Confidence Slumps in September

Financial advisors’ confidence in the short-term positive direction of the stock market took a hard hit in September, falling 3.5 percent, while the overall outlook on the economy held steady.


“I think the stock market will be going nowhere fast, with a lot of volatility. Mid-term elections, geopolitical concerns, ending of quantitative easing and the specter of rising interest rates will keep everyone guessing over the next twelve months.” -Roger Willroth, Marrs Wealth Management.

“We have had an unprecedented run of the central bank printing money. As a result, the correlation between the Fed's balance sheet growth and the growth of the S&P is of great concern, because what happens when the Fed's balance sheet starts to shrink from it's all time high level of over $4 trillion? That was a rhetorical question!” -Paul Bennett, United Capital Private Wealth Counseling.

“I think the markets will start to roll over ahead of a recession in second half of 2015.” -Mark Carlton, Trademark Financial Management.


"As the economy recovers, corporate CFOs with too much cash will rush to deploy this under-performing asset, helping the economic snowball grow and increase in power as it rolls downhill. Buy equities today." -Jonathan Foster, Angeles Wealth Management.

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