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Advisor Confidence Index (ACI)

Advisor Confidence Rises in January

A monthly benchmark of financial advisors’ confidence in the economy and markets. A reading below 100 indicates pessimism, over 100 indicates optimism. 


“It's impossible to build a healthy, sustainable economy based on debt... considering that the Gov't has double the size of our national debt in the last 6 years speaks volumes about what the future looks like,” Paul Spitzer, Advanced Practice Advisors

“The Fed needs to start raising policy rates,” Todd Petzel, Offit Capital



“Despite a sluggish global economic forecast in 2015, I look forward to a positive outlook of the over U.S. economy and the stock market for the next 12 years,” James R. Veal, JRV Wealth Management


“I believe there are quite a few uncertainties which could make stock investors nervous, there may be a very strong pull back?” Roger Willroth, Marrs Wealth Management


“Volatility definitely picking up. No sign in sight of curtailing oil supply to prop up prices. Low oil prices may bring Iran and Russia to their knees. It would be good if Americans can use some of their gas stand savings to boost insufficient retirement savings,” Eve Kaplan, Kaplan Financial Advisors

“Eyes on Europe. That could swing us into a stronger or weaker economic growth mode,” Andrew Aran, Regency Wealth Management


“Commodities are imploding, world currencies are at war. What's not to like?” John J. King, Quacera


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