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Advisor Confidence Index (ACI)

Advisor Confidence Levels Drop

A monthly benchmark of financial advisors’ confidence in the economy and markets. A reading below 100 indicates pessimism, over 100 indicates optimism. 


“While my economic view is still positive, it is a bit less robust than it was at the beginning of the year. The earnings outlook has declined driven by a stronger dollar and low oil prices. This has made valuations appear a bit more stretched. Some consolidation or sideways market movement may be necessary to bring valuations more in line,” Philip Weiss, Boston-Washington Financial Advisor

“I think the stock market will react negatively over the short run to the negative yield story in Europe and the continued downward pressure on oil prices,” David Crooks, David M. Crooks and Associates


“Fed will begin raising rates in June due to a strong economy. Stock market may pull back while digesting Fed change in policy,” Jonathan Smucker, Marietta Investment Partners


“Too much uncertainty. Too high expectations for return. Too much leverage and debt. Too low interest rates. Too many people out of work. Too much burden on the middle class. Too much downturn in retail sales. Not enough thoughtful and sacrificial leadership in Washington. Not enough growth,” Roger Willroth, Marrs Wealth Management

“Fear of what the Fed will do and higher interest rates should provide headwinds for the equity markets. We really need to see better earnings for Q1 starting in April. If earnings disappoint, we could be in for a rough summer,” Kenny Landgraf, Kenjol Capital Management


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