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Advisor Confidence Index (ACI)

Advisor Confidence Holds Steady in August

Financial advisors’ overall sentiment in the economy remains where it was one month after July’s steep decline, even as some advisors grow more optimistic about the stock market.

Advisors’ reported a slight decline in optimism for the economy while becoming more confident that, in the near term at least, the stock market has more room to run. To read more on August's index, .


“Overall, I’m encouraged by the data. I have concerns about the Fed’s exit and it’s possible impact on the markets.”
-Brian O’Neill, Cahaba Wealth Management


“I believe US stocks still have upside potential due to good fundamentals. I do not expect interest rates to steadily march higher just yet since I don't see a problem with inflation.”
-Eve Kaplan, Kaplan Financial Advisors


“The latest geopolitical crises should present a good buying opportunity for US equities.”
-Samuel Reid, Charter Oak Capital Management


"Nathan Rothschild said 'Buy on the sound of cannon, sell on the sound of trumpets.' The cannons are firing from Ukraine to Iraq to Israel. Time to buy equities."
-Jonathan Foster, Angeles Wealth Management


We are now over 1,400 days without a 20 percent correction, which is more than double the median. Black Monday, the bust, and the mortgage crisis were the last times that the market was this long in the tooth.”
-Paul Bennett, United Capital Private Wealth Counseling

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