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Advisor Confidence Index (ACI)

Advisor Confidence Drops in July

Optimism in the economy and the stock markets fell three percent in July, according to’s Advisor Confidence Index

Financial Advisors’ confidence in the economy and the stock markets dipped almost three percent in July, according to’s Advisor Confidence Index (ACI). That reversed a short-lived boost in optimism last month and brought the sentiment back near its lowest point of the year.  To read more on July's index click here.

Reaction from Our Panelists

"I anticipate any slow down in the markets to be temporary as we continue to see positive directions in the underlying economic data.”
– Kevin S. Gallagher, Hendershot Financial Group

"I think the market's strength is being underestimated and companies balance sheets are in good order. Over time, we will not have a gangbuster recovery but a slow one.”
– Michael F. Fleming, Halliday Financial

"We've hit all time highs going into an earnings season that follows poor GDP growth, the Fed winding down QE and warning about risk, and a large portion of the stock market run up due to buybacks...what could go wrong?”
– Mark Stys, WS Wealth Management

"I believe that the inflation statistics published by the government statistical mills, all of which have been manipulated and deformed over the years, have understated the rate of inflation and the first quarter GDP number was actually much worse than the published number. This will ultimately lead to a recession and a much poorer performing US Stock Market.” 
– Edward Wilson, Stratos Wealth Partners

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