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Advisor Confidence Index (ACI)

Advisor Confidence Dips Slightly in May

A monthly benchmark of financial advisors’ confidence in the economy and markets. A reading below 100 indicates pessimism, over 100 indicates optimism. 


“Central bank policies are keeping the wheels on the car however I suspect that due to the longevity of this bull market there's a ‘black swan’ waiting in the background,” Edward Wilson, Stratos Wealth Partners

“I continue to wait for the rise in interest rates and the bear market. Both will happen; when is the gazillion-dollar question,” Jeff Davis, Falcon Financial Management


“As markets have generated above average returns for many years, it would be prudent advise for investors to consider changing their focus from return and growth oriented strategies, to more defensive oriented strategies. Kevin S. Gallagher, Hendershot Financial Group

“Given high valuation (exacerbated by stock buybacks and record high profit margins), market risk far outweighs expected returns. Nevertheless, the market has been driven by Central Bank stimulus and that could drag this out for much longer period,” Kent M. Grealish, Grealish Investment Counseling

“We expect an increase in financial-market volatility as we get closer to the start of a rising interest rate cycle driven by the U.S. Federal Reserve, as its policy is “data dependent” and the views of market participants can be expected to shift with every surprising economic number. Despite the volatility, it is still our expectation that the U.S. bull market will remain intact and any correction will be limited,” Mitchell S. Martin, Stonebridge Family Office

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