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2016 Finalist: RidgeWorth Investments

The RidgeWorth Investments family provides investors a collection of institutional asset management boutiques.

The RidgeWorth Investments family provides investors a collection of institutional asset management boutiques, each with a well-defined, proven approach and all with unwavering commitments to exceptional performance. Through our multiple, style-specific boutiques, we offer a wide range of equity and fixed income investment disciplines in packages that make the most sense for our clients. 

Our boutiques collectively manage approximately $37.9 billion in assets (as of 3/31/16) and have roots that extend back, in some cases, more than two decades.  

Through a partnership that leverages the talents of institutional portfolio managers with the operational, marketing and customer service capabilities of RidgeWorth, we have forged a strong business model. The result is a thriving culture that promotes transparency and agility. We primarily serve institutional investors, institutional investment consultants and financial intermediaries.

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Award Category:

  • Asset Managers - Equities

Finalist Initiative:

  • New Fund Launch: RidgeWorth Capital Innovations Global Resources and Infrastructure Fund

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