Prospecting on Previous Business Contacts Without Ruining the Relationship

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Dec 28, 2013 3:12 pm

I am looking for some tips on how to prospect people I already know through a previous job I had. I have lots of phone numbers in my cell phone of people I called on as a non-profit fundraiser before coming to work in the securities industry.

It seems like there is a fine line there when it comes to not ruining a good relationship or engaging them in what I am doing now in order to help them. Some of these people I know really well, and others I am an acquaintance but there is a mutual respect. How do I call and let them know I really do want to speak with them without it totally coming off as "I'm calling because I know you have money and I want your business"?

This is something I've pondered for quite some time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 

Dec 30, 2013 10:05 pm

The best way I have seen this done is the Bill Good Way or as he calls it “The WIlson Campaign” which is a very low key drip campaign sent to your previous business contacts or connections. Ask your contacts if they would like to receive your monthly newsletter (or just send them an introduction and then start mailing or e-mailing). The news letter you send out shouldn’t be about any specific investments or selling, more about market commentary or concepts dealing with investing. This campaign should slowly position yourself to your contacts as a “financial expert” or respected advisor rather than a “non-profit fundraiser” that they picture you as now. Eventually they will come to you for advice or to talk (thats when you know you have them). This is a slow process and you should not expect results over night but this is a concept that advisers have been struggling with for decades. If you do not want to put the relationship at risk this is the way to go.