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Five Post-Pandemic Affluent Trends

Common sense isn’t always common practice.

Interested in acquiring more affluent clients? If so, you need to understand today’s post-pandemic affluent investor. Our 2022 research project, fielded in June 2022 on 1,002 investors, has identified five affluent trends.

  1. Affluent clients want to learn, especially from their advisor—this is no surprise considering the ongoing market volatility. In times like this, people want both information and guidance. They want to understand what’s happening in the world and the impact it might have on their investments. And this information is most impactful when it comes from you—their trusted financial advisor.

    This is why they’re paying attention to your messaging; engaging in educational webinars, educational events, podcasts, videos and newsletters. Only 8% of today’s post-pandemic affluent tell us they “would not” attend an education event hosted by their financial advisor.
  2. Friendship impacts affluent client relationships—think in terms of emotionally connecting with each affluent client. It should be priority No. 1! It has a direct correlation to a client’s willingness to connect you with others. Advisors who have made this effort (spending time socially with clients) during the pandemic have been reaping the benefits and that will continue.

    In addition, if you want affluent clients to rate you higher, be their friend. Eighty-eight percent rate their advisor an 8 or higher (1 to 10 scale) if they’re friends.
  3. Client acquisition requires being confident and direct—nearly 8 of 10 high-referral affluent clients would be willing to introduce you by email if asked.

    One-third of affluent clients who gave zero referrals last year tell us they’d personally introduce you if asked. The secret is seamless sales skills with no beating around the bush–be direct.
  4. Affluent investors are changing the way they search for advisors—no surprise, we’re immersed in a digital world. This isn’t just a young person’s game. Sixty-six percent of today’s post-pandemic affluent who are 65 or older will research a potential financial advisor online. Advisors need to embrace social content, digital advertising and web design—all of which have a direct impact on today’s affluent decision-making.
  5. Client events are making a comeback—after being locked away for the past couple of years, post-pandemic affluent investors are increasingly willing to attend events. Only 12% tell us they wouldn’t attend an event hosted by their advisor.

    In addition, the more contact affluent investors had with their financial advisor during the pandemic, the more likely they are to refer (bringing a friend to your event).

These post-pandemic affluent investor trends aren’t rocket science. On the surface, they feel like common sense. But common sense isn’t always common practice. Execute and track your activities and you’ll capitalize on today’s post-pandemic affluent opportunities.

Matt Oechsli is author of How to Build a 21st Century Financial Practice: Attracting, Servicing, and Retaining Affluent Clients. www.oechsli.com

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