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Meet the HENRYs

Meet the HENRYs

Tracking the newest in millennial wealth

Sponsoried by: Aidentified aidentified_logo_horizontal.png

HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet), first coined by Shawn Tully, Fortune Magazine in 2008, represent approximately 20 million people across the United States, ages range from 25 to 45 and earn between $120k and $250k per year.  They have assets less than $1 million, are upwardly mobile and are tech-savvy.  They’re not rich yet, but financial advisors seek HENRYs due to their good credit standing, income and future potential for wealth.

Learn how Aidentified, through new AI-based technology, tracks and monitors the wealth of these 20 million HENRYs and pinpoints when critical life events drive their behavior – from important business events like management changes, venture fundings of their companies, acquisitions of their companies, to critical household events like increases in net worth, sales of assets, etc. Also learn how you will be able to see how you, your clients, and your ecosystems are connected to these people through your relationships.

Aidentified is a unique leader in the real-time monitoring and compiling of over 300 million U.S.profiles with both consumer and professional attributes from proprietary and 3rd party public record sources.

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