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[T&E Non Subscribers] Holding 529 College Savings Plans Inside a Family Trust

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 | 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Jeffrey J. Pritchard



Susan Lipp - Moderator
Editor in Chief
Trusts & Estates


Created under IRC Section 529, 529 college savings plans are savings and investment vehicles, overseen by the individual states, which provide tax-free investment growth when distributions are ultimately used for qualified educational expenditures. Creating a formal tradition of assisting family members with postsecondary education through an education fund will enable future generations to achieve their fullest potential.

To ensure the continuity of an education fund, clients can create a formal family trust that would then be the account owner of subsequent 529 plans. This webinar will explain how to use a trust to create such a fund and establish surplus 529 plans for future generations.

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