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The Role of Fossil Fuel and Nuclear in the Clean Energy Transition

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Fossil fuels and nuclear energy will likely play a vital role in the transition to clean energy. Renewable energy, such as solar and wind, face constraints that may limit their ability to replace fossil fuel completely.

As demand may be greater than most anticipate, companies in the fossil fuel and nuclear energy ecosystems may present individuals with an attractive investment opportunity.


Humanity organizes its economic activities to ensure a steady growth in the extraction and exploitation of primary energy because energy is life, standards of living are defined by how much energy is available to be exploited, and all humans everywhere are perpetually seeking a higher standard of living.1

As the world grapples with the complexities of transitioning to renewable energy sources, in our view we can't ignore the undeniable reality: fossil fuels and nuclear energy will likely continue to dominate the energy landscape, especially electricity generation.

Despite the push for renewables, electricity generated by fossil fuels remains a vital component of our energy mix. The demand for power continues to surge, potentially presenting significant investment opportunities in the sector. The push for renewables has also caused many energy company valuations to tumble, offering a potentially attractive entry point for investors.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Future of Energy in Global Markets: Learn about Range’s outlook on the energy sector's role in driving global markets over the next decade
  • The "Iron Law of Electricity": Explore the concept of the “Iron Law of Electricity” as articulated by Robert Bryce and its significance in shaping Range’s investment strategy and views on the energy landscape
  • Insights from our CEO: Hear directly from Range’s CEO, Tim Rotolo, about the evolving energy landscape, including challenges, innovations, and the rationale behind Range’s strategic decisions and ETF offerings

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