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The Outlook for Gold in 2019 and Beyond

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Our webinar examines the outlook for gold as an investment in 2019 and beyond, basing discussions on the most recent figures from independent data provider GFMS Refinitiv.

We’ll be drawing particularly on the analytical expertise of Director of Precious Metals Research, Metals Research & Forecasts, GFMS, Refinitiv, Cameron Alexander. Cameron has more than 20 years’ experience in global precious metals markets.

We’ll also hear insights from Jerry Hicks who is The Perth Mint’s Sales and Business Development Manager. The Perth Mint refines more than 10% of global gold production annually at its operations in Western Australia, Australia’s richest gold producing state. As approximately 90% of The Perth Mint’s revenue is derived from exports, Jerry has a deep understanding of global gold flows.

Three key points attendees will learn about:

  1. The main drivers of gold demand including the upsurge in central bank buying and Asia’s growing middle classes.
  2. Issues restricting gold supply and the rising costs of gold production.
  3. The geopolitical factors impacting on the gold market and how these may shift later this year.

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CIMA®, CPWA®, and AEP® CE Credits have been applied for and approved.

Cameron Alexander
Director of Precious Metals Research
Metals Research & Forecasts, GFMS, Refinitiv


Jerry Hicks
Sales and Business Development Manager
The Perth Mint


Mike Cronan
President of Marketing Services
Exchange Traded Concepts


Christina Granger
Content Manager and Editor
The Perth Mint


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