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Founded in 2012, FiComm Partners is an integrated communications agency with a singular focus on wealth management and financial services. FiComm partners with clients to drive differentiation and tell impactful stories through seven core specialties – branding, video-first communication, virtual marketing workshops, digital marketing, public relations, crisis communications, and consulting. With offices in New York City and Los Angeles, the company works primarily with broker-dealers, custodians, asset managers, WealthTech providers, and large RIAs/financial advice firms, including Redtail Technology, CAPTRUST and Riskalyze. The team has earned a strong reputation for delivering tangible value to clients as a best-in-class agency whose clients view them as an extension of their brands.

Megan Carpenter


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Disruptors: Industry
Video-First ‘Advisor Education’ Service Offering
Current industry marketing and training programs by custodians and broker-dealers take place on paper and in-person, neglecting opportunities for virtual, digital, and video communications. Advisor Education was launched to disrupt the industry standard and revolutionize the client and prospect experience, allowing both enterprise firms and individual advisors to communicate with a “video-first” approach while implementing proactive marketing. In addition to a series of virtual workshops created for the “modern advisor,” the offering provides hands-on experience and expert guidance while enabling participants to offer peer-to-peer feedback and receive one-on-one coaching in a video-based, forum-like environment. After hiring Candice Carlton to build out the program, FiComm accelerated the launch of Advisor Education in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, requiring companies to quickly adapt to virtual communication.
Virtual Workshops For The Modern Advisor
FiComm’s Advisor Education gives advisors the tools for modern marketing and video communication.
The Secret to Authentic Advisor Videos
Check out FiComm CEO Megan Carpenter’s Mid-Year Outlook on how to become a video rockstar.
Check Out The New Skool Video Podcast
FiComm introduces New Skool – conversations about great storytelling and modern marketing.

About the Initiative

Guided Income Solutions℠ (GIS) is a turnkey, bucketed investment solution designed to deliver steady and tailored cash flows to clients planning for retirement. The bucketed investing framework provides an intuitive approach to converting clients’ nest eggs into an automatic income replacement based on their personal financial goals; the buckets automatically rebalance to systematically reduce risk and accommodate investors’ needs. GIS provides an alternative to annuities; delivering an investment approach that is flexible, liquid, and cost-effective.

GIS aims to transform and enhance current retirement income solutions, to: