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Cambridge is a financial solutions firm focused on serving independent financial professionals and their investing clients while preserving its private control. Cambridge offers a broad range of choices for independent financial professionals regarding solutions for advice, growth, technology, and independence. Cambridge’s national reach includes: Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. – a large corporate RIA; and Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. – an independent broker-dealer, member FINRA/SIPC, that is among the largest privately controlled independent broker-dealers in the country. We serve over 3,400 independent financial professionals and their investing clients nationwide. We believe choice for financial professionals is our business, and we are committed to serving quality independent financial professionals focused on serving the best interests of their clients. Since our earliest days, we’ve been dedicated to our values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. These values guide our decisions and shape our efforts on behalf of independent financial professionals and their investing clients.

Nick Graham

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Award Category
Broker/Dealers > 1,000 Advisors: Chief Technology Officer of the Year
Nick Graham, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Cambridge

Graham is a collaborative leader in Cambridge’s ongoing efforts to enhance digital solutions in a new era of technology for financial professionals, and this includes release of CLIC® Advisor and CLIC Client to financial professionals and their clients in 2019. CLIC is an integrated suite of technology components for many of the critical tasks in a financial professional’s business. CLIC Advisor utilizes innovative partnerships/integrations with Fintech providers in a streamlined experience while supporting advisor choice, and is an extension of Cambridge’s comprehensive online business environment. CLIC Client serves as an investor center to help advisors engage with clients in a collaborative, digital, mobile-ready environment.

Cambridge CLIC Advisor
Digital wealth at your fingertips. CLIC® Advisor utilizes innovative partnerships with FinTech providers in a streamlined experience while supporting advisor choice. CLIC Client takes the next step in engaging investing clients with a collaborative mobile-ready environment.
Why Your Independence is Not for Sale and Why Cambridge is Not for Sale
At Cambridge, our primary focus is you, the independent advisor, and your clients. We believe preserving our commitment to you must start with the stability of management and private control within Cambridge.
Cambridge Digital Solutions Suite
Do business wherever, whenever, and however you choose

About the Initiative

Guided Income Solutions℠ (GIS) is a turnkey, bucketed investment solution designed to deliver steady and tailored cash flows to clients planning for retirement. The bucketed investing framework provides an intuitive approach to converting clients’ nest eggs into an automatic income replacement based on their personal financial goals; the buckets automatically rebalance to systematically reduce risk and accommodate investors’ needs. GIS provides an alternative to annuities; delivering an investment approach that is flexible, liquid, and cost-effective.

GIS aims to transform and enhance current retirement income solutions, to: