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YCharts Adds New Report Capabilities

With the latest features, advisors can quickly and easily generate reports and compare model portfolios for clients or generate marketing collateral.

With a new release, financial data and investment research platform YCharts has made it easier for advisors to create their own customized reports. As part of the update, advisors will gain access to 17 different modules that cover returns, performance, exposures, risk, composition and holdings—and be able to add their own firm’s logo and color scheme.

Called Model Portfolio Overview Reports, the new modules will help advisors, broker/dealers, asset managers and wholesalers use the YCharts platform to generate on-demand reports from the company’s model portfolio quote pages in just a few clicks.

YCharts envisions multiple-use cases. For example, one use is advisors employing these new features to create detailed proposals for a client showcasing the advisor’s recommended portfolio strategy compared side by side with existing holdings as a second portfolio. Another use is to easily generate summaries of model strategies that display composition, risk and hypothetical performance.

YCharts launched its Model Portfolios offering in the fall of 2018.

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