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Wealthtech Roundup

Weekly Wealthtech Roundup: eMoney Adds Digital Marketing Capabilities

Also this week: iCapital scores yet another round of funding, and TCA integrates RightCapital.

eMoney Advisor is adding a new workflow it calls Lead Capture to its technology suite, designed to make financial planning part of advisors’ digital marketing efforts. Advisors can use Lead Capture to generate a unique link they can add to emails, social media posts and websites. The link directs people to a customized webpage, on which they can enter basic financial information and gain insights into how they are tracking toward their goals. They can then request to meet with the advisor, and the advisor is instantly notified of the lead via the eMoney dashboard.

eMoney says the information that clients input helps qualify the leads and gives advisors userful information to start a conversation. It also eliminates the need for advisors to manually enter the data into their system.

“Attracting new clients online should be top-of-mind for advisors looking to accelerate their marketing and business-development strategies," said Jessica Liberi, eMoney’s senior vice president of product management. “Advisors need to rethink how and where they are meeting new clients.”

Morgan Stanley Invests in iCapital

Morgan Stanley is joining UBS Financial Services and BlackRock in making an investment in iCapital Networks. The wealthtech company, which uses technology to connect advisors with alternative investments, has now raised more than $50 million from the three firms. Details of how much Morgan Stanley is committing were not disclosed, but the firm plans to leverage iCapital’s technology as a way to access advisors (and their clients), and streamline and automate its private fund operations.

“Endowments and pension funds have long embraced alternatives as an important component of their overall investment programs. Many high-net-worth investors, in our view, are under-allocated to alternatives relative to their institutional counterparts,” said Dan Simkowitz, head of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, in a statement. “iCapital’s technology and investment platform successfully removes many of the operational impediments that high-net-worth investors face when seeking to increase their commitments to these strategies. In doing so, we believe that iCapital has significantly improved the client experience for individual investors and those who serve them.”

Trust Company of America Adds RightCapital Financial Planning

Trust Company of America announced Tuesday that it was integrating RightCapital’s financial planning tool into its technology offering. TCA advisors can now offer clients goals-based and cash-flow-based retirement plans, income and estate tax projections, and multiple scenario comparisons. RightCapital says advisors can use its technology to design a comprehensive financial plan in just 10 minutes.

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