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United Capital Guidecenter

United Capital Rolls Out New Client-Facing Tech

United Capital launched a new suite of tools Monday to better serve clients and firms using the company’s turnkey advisory platform.

Like most others in the wealth management industry, United Capital found clients were increasingly interested in, if not expecting, technology that enabled a more hands-on role in their investing, while maintaining some level of connection to a human advisor.

The enhancements to the company’s platform, announced today, include a new client portal with desktop and mobile access to an investment performance program called GuideCenter. One of the goals of the new client portal was to improve transparency and give clients more decision-making power, according to a company statement.

Another new tool is United Capital’s Investment Viewfinder, which shows trade-offs between risk appetites and investment strategies, and evaluates portfolios using an integration with Morningstar.

The latest version of Flexscore, a retirement-readiness tool acquired by United Capital last year, is also part of the new technology suite.

“Across all industries, consumers are looking for convenient, digital capabilities. It’s become a requirement for how they conduct business,” said United Capital’s Head of Platform, Mike Capelle.

Yet, while United Capital joins other financial services firms in putting the tools of financial planning and investment management right in front of the client via a digital platform, founder and CEO Joe Duran still believes that a human advisor on the other side of the platform, driving the conversation, adds value. He calls this combination "the bionic advisor," and sees it as the way the industry has to evolve if it is to stay relevant.

“Clients of all ages and levels of wealth have come to expect convenient technology in all aspects of their lives. When it comes to their financial life, this is no different,” said Duran. “Our technology positions advisors on the right side of this historic shift."


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