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Salesforce Reveals Plans for Voice-in-Business

While recognizing that security is paramount, the CRM provider is pushing ahead to bring voice capabilities into the workplace.

Salesforce wants to bring voice to business, and not just from a read-back perspective, reports TechCrunch. The next steps of the CRM provider’s Einstein Voice project, Salesforce’s AI voice assistant, were revealed before the firm’s annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

Bret Taylor, Salesforce’s chief product officer, gave attendees a look at the firm’s test project, pairing Einstein with Amazon’s Alexa, according to the report. Salesforce is also working to bring Einstein capabilities to Google devices, too. 

But the big reveal was that Salesforce hopes to have not only read-back capabilities available on voice devices but also read-write capabilities—so advisors and other users will be able to quickly enter data into Salesforce, verbally and on the go. In order to fully integrate voice capabilities into the workplace, however, the firm recognizes the need to “account for the security needs of enterprises.”

“We’re really excited about the idea of voice in businesses—the idea that every business can have an AI guide to their business decisions,” Taylor said.

“I view it as part of this progression of technology,” he added, noting how computers have evolved from a static device on a desk to a mobile device with touch capabilities. “Voice is really that next step."

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